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Telephone 01 640 8854

At Touchstone we strive to create a perfect environment for our clients. Our goal is to put you at your ease so we can learn how to help you to the best of our ability. Take your time to read a newspaper, have a coffee, chat with one of our healthcare staff. We take a personal interest in each and every patient, to ensure that you have confidence in your medication.

Our fully qualified pharmacy dispensing team at Touchstone Mulhuddart are here to ensure that your medicines are dispensed accurately and efficiently each time you attend. Your well-being is our goal


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Come in and talk to our pharmacists.

  • Share our knowledge
  • We feel we have the most competitive prescription pricing in Dublin.
  • Utilise Touchstone Clear, it is a much clearer and much fairer way of purchasing drugs
  • Helpful advice
  • Call in for a cup of coffee and a chat.
  • Free local delivery
  • Free blister packing

Touchstone Clear

Touchstone Clear® is a new payment scheme for the purchase of prescription medicines unique to Touchstone. It is a
much clearer and much fairer for the patient which is why we call it touchstone Clear®.

Up to now, our pharmacy priced prescription drugs by taking the price we paid for the drug and adding a 50%
mark-up as well as a €3.50 dispensing fee, the least expensive in Dublin. With touchstone Clear® the pharmacy will
add a flat fee of €7 to the price the drugs cost us, with NO mark-up. touchstone Clear® is much simpler, fairer and
easier to understand.